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  SERIE NCS 2019

   24/02/2019 07:00:00 AM

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#Race / DistanceCategoryLast Name 1Last Name 2First NameResend EmailPlaced
1PAQUETE RED: MEDIA DISTANCIAGeneralAriasRodríguez Andre Resend Confirmation Email12/02/2019 15:12:41 PM
2PAQUETE RED: MEDIA DISTANCIAGeneralCASTROGARCIABRANDON Resend Confirmation Email06/02/2019 14:06:41 PM
3PAQUETE GREEN: CORTA DISTANCIAGeneralChavesMongeAndy Resend Confirmation Email13/02/2019 12:02:41 PM
4PAQUETE BLUE: LARGA DISTANCIAGeneralde GrootWilliamsSarah Resend Confirmation Email01/02/2019 14:44:41 PM
5PAQUETE GREEN: CORTA DISTANCIAGeneralMoyaEubanks Cesar Resend Confirmation Email17/01/2019 07:37:41 AM
6PAQUETE RED: MEDIA DISTANCIAGeneralROBLESSEASMARÍA VICTORIA Resend Confirmation Email05/02/2019 13:11:41 PM
7PAQUETE GREEN: CORTA DISTANCIAGeneralVargasChaves Jose Moisés Resend Confirmation Email13/02/2019 12:07:41 PM