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   04/05/2019 11:00:00 AM

   154  Registered

This list represents all registered correctly for the event THE OPEN SEA GOLD 2019.

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#Race / DistanceCategoryLast Name 1Last Name 2First NameResend EmailPlaced
13000 metros y Cruce50-54EsquivelValerioCarlos Resend Confirmation Email21/02/2019 16:42:41 PM
21500 metros 55-59HerreroRochacKristina Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 07:40:41 AM
31500 metros 45-49ROJAS FALLAS JOSE Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 08:05:41 AM
41500 metros 30-34MarquésReyesAndrea Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 08:30:41 AM
51500 metros 45-49DuránQuesadaAnabelle Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 09:18:41 AM
61500 metros 50-54Jaramillo Lines Orlando Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 10:07:41 AM
71500 metros y Cruce30-34GonzalezMendezSebastian Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 11:32:41 AM
8Cruce a la Leona 55-59SotoReyesMiguel Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 15:02:41 PM
91500 metros 35-39CorderoHidalgoEsteban Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 20:07:41 PM
10Cruce a la Leona 55-59GrossSusanne Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 21:53:41 PM
11Cruce a la Leona 50-54morenolacayoKatia Resend Confirmation Email22/02/2019 23:30:41 PM
121500 metros 60 y másCastroMongeAna Lucia Resend Confirmation Email23/02/2019 06:20:41 AM
133000 metros y Cruce60 y másHernandezSanchezGhiselle Resend Confirmation Email23/02/2019 13:00:41 PM
141500 metros 45-49FernándezCalderónJorge Resend Confirmation Email24/02/2019 10:41:41 AM
151500 metros 30-34Camacho UreñaAllan Resend Confirmation Email25/02/2019 17:37:41 PM
163000 metros30-34Alfaro DelgadoLaura Resend Confirmation Email26/02/2019 10:45:41 AM
17Cruce a la Leona 35-39Sandoval Soto Armando Resend Confirmation Email26/02/2019 13:31:41 PM
181500 metros 14 y menos GAZELDELGADOMATIAS Resend Confirmation Email26/02/2019 17:22:41 PM
191500 metros 45-49GazelPachecoPablo Resend Confirmation Email26/02/2019 17:28:41 PM
203000 metros y Cruce50-54GONZALEZJIMENEZMAUREN Resend Confirmation Email27/02/2019 17:22:41 PM